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> >From:  [log in to unmask] (Tucker Taft)
> >All you need is to read the QUERY_STRING environment variable.  I presume you
> >could easily write your own "pragma Import" to call the Win32 function
> >that gets environment variables, if your favorite Ada compiler doesn't
> >already provide an interface to it.
> Am I wrong to be disappointed that such a defacto standard would be
> based on a C-ism (or Unix-ism) as the "environment variable" ?

If you are writing something to be called as a CGI program then you
have to write to the standard interface that such programs are called

The Environment could be thought of as a map or associative array from
environment variable name to environment variable value. Would that
make it feel less of a C-ism (or Unix-ism)?

I expect that a similar mechanism will be used for XML-based
programming; I rather suspect it is in the 'modPerl' (?) bindings in
Apache already (ie, your code is called with a Connection which
represents the original Form and which you can query to obtain values
corresponding to fields in the Form).