[said Tuck, then Jim]
> >
> >This is misinformed.  The GNAT back end was written long before Ada 95
> >existed, by people with no knowledge or interest in Ada.
> >The AverStar Ada front end was written in C before there was an
> >Ada 95 compiler, and was intended to be licensed to compiler companies
> >whose existing technology was based on C or Pascal.  Now that we
> >have our own Ada 95 to C technology, we have begun to write major
> >new modules (e.g. our front end optimizer) in Ada, and then deliver
> >the generated C sources to our licensees.
> '
> Tuck, sounds like your new system would work really well paird with
> something like apples mpw (which is now free) or codewarrior on the
> mac.   intermetrics could make up for not producing the mac compiler
> they were contracted for years ago by bringing your new technology to
> the mac! :-)
> best jim
I'll second THAT!