Richard L. Conn wrote:

> With our current infrastructure, we cannot compete
> with something like this.  It shows where some of the
> $2.5B/year Microsoft is putting into R&D is going.


Microsoft tools may be wonderful (not in my experience), but
there are many situations where they are simply not appropriate.

   Applications that need cross platform portability.

   Embedded applications (e.g. some printers have a web
   interface for administration).

   Existing applications written in other languages.

   Very large applications.

   Applications with long life cycles (MS obsoletes APIs
   as fast as they introduce new ones).

   And, as you mention, safety critical applications.

   etc, etc.

I am surprised by your defeatist attitude.

Sigh ...

We are Microsoft.
Resistance is futile,
you will be assimilated ;-)