"Robert C. Leif, Ph.D." wrote:
> From: Bob Leif
> To: Geoff Bull et al.
> Please see David A. Wheeler's CGI.Adb. It contains the following:
> ------------------------------------------------------------------
> function getenv(Variable : chars_ptr) return chars_ptr;

> I hope that the Ada compiler vendors will permit the use of Wheeler's CGI
> library by including this function in their standard libraries.

This won't be necessary, because the POSIX libraries already include
the equivalent function:
      (Name      : POSIX.POSIX_String;
       Undefined : POSIX.POSIX_String := "")

Presumably the reaosn David Wheeler includes his own binding to
Getenv is so that he doesn't force you to install the POSIX

> I should note that the user of an Ada compiler should not be required to use
> subprograms which include C data types. It should be possible to function in
> Ada without any knowledge of C or its relatives.

Since there is no so much C, Java etc out there, you can only benefit
by pulling you head out of the sand.

> Ultimately, a standard library to interface with HTML-XML (Ada.XML_IO)
> should be designed and implemented.

If you need it, do it!

Is there an XML paser written in Java?

> It should include something like
> function getenv(Variable_Name : String) return String;

That would not be the correct place for getenv, IMO.