Call for Chapter Contributions

Book Title:       Task Analysis for Human-Computer Interaction
Editors:                    Dan Diaper and Neville Stanton

My 1989 book "Task Analysis for Human-Computer Interaction" is widely cited
but now out of print.  I propose, with Prof. Neville Stanton of  Brunel
University, to produce a completely new book on Task Analysis for HCI.

Wishing to be inclusive and egalitarian, we wish to solicit chapters from
across the HCI community.  Interested authors should send a title and
abstract to [log in to unmask] by Monday, 1st. November, 2001.  We
will contact authors during November and we would hope for chapters to be
submitted by the end of February, 2002.  The book will be very carefully
edited so that the chapters are properly integrated and cross-reference each

While subject to change once we receive abstracts, we propose the following
structure to the book:

Section 1:      Introduction
                Chapters to cover: What is TA?; Task Taxonomies; TA and
Software Engineering/Systems Analysis/etc.;  Data for TA; Task Observation;
Describing Behaviour; Delivering TA to Industry; ...

Section 2:      TA Methods
                Chapters to cover as many of the major TA methods as
possible: e.g. HTA, GOMS, TKS/KAT, CTA, ...

Section 3:      Case Studies
                We wish to include as wide a range of examples of TA use as

Section 4:      Future Developments
                Undoubtedly current TA methods and their application could
be improved.  We are looking for chapters that identify current difficulties
and offer suggestions for TA's future development.

Dan Diaper, Ph.D., MBCS,
Prof. of Systems Science & Engineering,
School of Design, Engineering & Computing,
Bournemouth University.

Email: [log in to unmask]