CHI 2002 Workshop

Patterns in Practice: A Workshop for UI Designers

This one-day workshop focuses on how UI designers are using patterns today. The scope includes the two overlapping areas of concern to design practitioners: (1) writing valid and useful patterns and (2) using patterns effectively in a design assignment. With input from particpants, four or five specific aspects of this topic will be discussed. Candidate discussion topics and activities include: 1) workshop one or more patterns, 2) write a pattern during the workshop, 3) identify new patterns, 4) discuss pattern set organization, 5) critique a particular pattern collection, 6) critique patterns on the same topic from several collections, 7) discuss experiences selecting and applying particular patterns, and 8) discuss introducing a pattern approach to design teams.

The primary selection criteria for participants will be their depth of experience in both (1) using patterns written by others and (2) writing patterns for their own use or for publication. Potential participants are invited to submit a two-page position paper covering at two or three of the following: (1) sample pattern they have authored, (2) a critique of an existing pattern collection (3) proposals for a new collection, (4) a critique of various patterns that address a particular UI aspect, (5) a design brief on a design they completed using patterns, or (6) organizational experiences. For additional details on the workshop, visit

Please send position papers to [log in to unmask] by January 25th.

Organizers: Kevin Mullet, Paul McInerney, Martijn van Welie