Call for Contributions  E U R O G R A P H I C S ' 9 8  Call for Contributions

                        ``Discovering New Realities''

                August 31 - September 4 1998, LISBON, PORTUGAL

                Annual Conference of the European Association
                              Computer Graphics

Important Dates

        January 9, 1998: Original Paper submissions received.
          March 6, 1998: Notification of Acceptance to Authors.
          April 3, 1998: Camera ready copy of accepted papers due.
                         Short Presentation submissions due.
            May 8, 1998: Audiovisual and Interactive Media contest entries due.
          June 15, 1998: Demonstrations and Short Presentations
                           notification of acceptance.
          June 30, 1998: Early registration deadline.

Celebrating Five Centuries of Portuguese Discoveries

In 1998, the International Year of the Oceans, 500 years have passed since
Portuguese sailors discovered the sea route to India, a feat which opened great
perspectives for different peoples to meet and opportunities for scientific,
cultural and commercial exchange. 1998 will be a particularly eventful year in
Lisbon. EXPO'98, the last World Fair of the 20th century will be open to
visitors from throughout the world, featuring virtual environment shows and
Computer Graphics exhibitions.

We have chosen the theme "Discovering New Realities" in celebration of
Portuguese discoveries and as a challenge to researchers to come up with
imaginative and well thought out contributions describing exciting new
applications. We invite you to participate in EG98 and visit EXPO'98!

Eurographics, the European Association for Computer Graphics, was founded in
1980 to promote the advancement of computer graphics research and technology
in European countries. It is a non-profit organization for individuals and
institutions engaged in this field.

Eurographics'98 will be the 19th annual Conference of the Association. As the
leading international computer graphics conference in Europe, it has become a
vital meeting point for researchers, practitioners, teachers and users all over
the world. It is a forum for presenting the latest developments in graphics
technology, case studies in advanced graphics systems and applications, as well
as surveying current trends.

Conference Programme

The technical programme of EG'98 spreads over three days, and includes Refereed
Papers, Short Presentations, Invited Papers and State of Art Reports. The two
days before the Technical Programme are devoted to the Tutorial Programme and
to the Workshops organized by the Association.

Authors are invited to submit original contributions addressing novel
applications of graphics in one or more of (but not restricted to) the
following topic areas:

* Virtual and Augmented Environments * Intuitive and Multimodal Interaction
* Integrated Audiovisual             * Synthetic Actors and Artificial Life
   and Haptic Virtual Worlds
* Virtual Environments and Media Art * VRML and Graphics on the World-Wide Web
* Physical modeling and nature       * Information visualization
* Computer Graphics and Multimedia   * Simulation and Animation
* Human-Computer Interaction         * Geometric Modeling
* Scientific Visualization           * Rendering and Realistic Image Synthesis
* Hardware and Architectures for     * Software and Frameworks
   Computer Graphics                    for Computer Graphics

*Short Presentations

Short presentations provide an alternative to the papers programme for those
participants who would like to have the opportunity to present and discuss
quality work in progress, well formulated but untested ideas or interesting
application results. Short presentation proposals should be submitted as
two-page extended abstracts sent to the conference secretariat via e-mail to
<[log in to unmask]> no later than April 3rd 1998.  Further submission
details are available at <>.

*Interactive Media Demonstrations

We invite authors to submit proposals for demonstrations of interactive
computer graphics and multimedia systems. In accordance with the conference
theme, "Discovering New Realities", there will be a competition of
demonstrations of Virtual Worlds with a prize awarded to the best entry based
on technical and artistic merit.  Submissions must be received no later than
May 8th 1998. Authors will be notified of acceptance by June 15th 1998. If you
have any comments or questions please send mail to <[log in to unmask]>.
Further submission details are available at

*Slide and Animation Contest

We invite authors to submit proposals to the Slide and Animation Competitions.
Submissions should be received no later than May 8th 1998. All materials should
be sent to the conference secretariat.  Contributors will be notified as soon
as the material has arrived. The competition is open to everyone except members
of the Jury and the organizing committee of the EG98 conference or persons
affiliated to them. Any questions about the Slide and Animation Competitions
should be sent by e-mail to <[log in to unmask]> or to the conference
secretariat.  Detailed submission and contest rules are available at the
conference Web site <>.

*Submission of Papers

Authors are invited to submit original papers reporting research contributions,
practice and experience, or novel applications.  Submitted papers should arrive
not later than January 9th, 1998.  Further submission details, including style
files, are available at <>. Authors
experiencing problems with electronic submission of contributions should
contact <[log in to unmask]>.

*The Gunther Enderle and Best Student Paper Awards

Following a long tradition of Eurographics Conferences, an international jury
will select three of the best papers accepted and presented at the Conference,
and will award prizes to the authors. The one selected as Best Paper will
receive the Gunther Enderle Award, which includes a cash prize of 1,000 Swiss
Francs. To stimulate student participation at the conference a Best Student
Paper Award will be given to the best paper authored and presented at the
conference by a full time student.

*Organizing Committee

                       Conference: Joaquim A. Jorge (P) and David A. Duce (UK)
International Programme Committee: F. Nunes Ferreira (P) and Martin Gobel (D)
                        Tutorials: Jose C. Teixeira (P) and Ken W. Brodlie (UK)
                     STAR Reports: A. Augusto Sousa (P) and Bob Hopgood (UK)
              Short Presentations: Beatriz S. Santos (P) and Werner Hansmann(D)
       Interactive Demonstrations: Nuno Correia (P)
               A/V and Slide Show: Pedro F. Lopes (P)
                        Workshops: Mario Rui Gomes (P)
           Awards Committee Chair: Sabine Coquillart (F)

*Contact Addresses:

          Paper submissions: [log in to unmask]
        Short Presentations: [log in to unmask]
 Interactive Demonstrations: [log in to unmask]
Slide and Animation Contest: [log in to unmask]
        General Information: [log in to unmask]
               STAR Reports: [log in to unmask]
        Conference Homepage: