Hi Adam:

>>#2-Regarding logging errors:
>>I have difficulty accurately logging errors for the following reasons:
-Successful completion of certain tasks can follow very different paths. -It's
not always obvious which errors are "critical" (prevent successful completion)
as opposed to "non-critical" (recoverable errors). So I guess my question do you log errors?

As long as the user completes the task, a deviation from the ideal path may be
acceptable. Again, it depends on the acceptance criteria that you set.  If the
efficiency (of use) is not impacted, I wouldn't consider deviation.

A error should be more catastrophic in nature.

The two measures that we use to identify a catastrophic error are:
1. Errors unknown to the user
2. Errors that destroy users work

Hope this helps.

Shibu Daniel
Usability Engineer
PRT Group Inc.