Avi Rappoport a écrit :

> At 9:52 AM -0700 2/21/2000, Ross Olson wrote:
> >I would urge people to examine why they are using the 'cancel' button at
> >all, considering that all it does by default is clear out the entire form,
> >something I've _never_ seen anyone actually use in any of my studies.

In some situation I have used it, for exemple in a baking application when you
wan't to "cancel" the curent transaction.

> For example, most of the search engines have removed a Cancel, Reset or Clear
> button from the search form because it's generally useless -- if people want
> to make a new search, they change the text.

For a search engine, I agree that the Cancel button is of no use. Actually
there isn't any transaction going on!

> Even for multi-page forms and processes, the stateless nature of Web
> interaction means that users may leave at any time, or try to navigate back
> to an earlier page.  It's worth doing a lot of work on the server side and in
> designing and testing systems that can handle this kind of navigation and "do
> the right thing", which might be allowing a user to change their earlier
> answers and still remember their later ones (or maybe not -- gotta test to
> find out!).

It does make sense for many Intranet applications, as for internet I have no
examples ...

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