Kathy Gill recently posted some info on studies showing that many consumers
abandon their attempts to buy from online merchants.

Both Jared Spool ( and Jakob Nielsen (
have recently completed e-commerce usability studies. Their findings are
mostly in reports they're selling, though I believe both have sneak peeks
you can get for free. I know I picked up a several-pages-long handout at
Spool's recent User Interface 2001 conference.

Both of these usability guys looked at *why* web sites fail to help
consumers close the deal. I'm pretty sure both also came up with large lists
of the obstacles consumers face at these sites. Thus, their studies nicely
complement the more quantitative studies Kathy Gill reported here.

Anyone want to take bets that things are gonna get better by the holiday

Mild disclaimer: I *used to* work for Jared.

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