Hi all,

People are asked to type in thier email adress quite ofthen. Some sites
needs it in order to mail you something you asked for, other sites wants
it in order to send you advertisments...

You can check an email in two ways. A complicated regular expresion or
open up a socket to the host and ask for if the email is real. PROBLEMS:
[log in to unmask] is (probably :-)) not a real email address, but no reg exp
can catch that, it is formally correct. [log in to unmask] IS real but the
server could be down and so the socket will not be opened. Also the
socket opening method is slow.

My question is wether it makes sense to check emails?

Does anyone know of any research on the psychological aspects of
checking email adresses? If for instance non-technical people who try to
give a fake address that is not formally correct (no @, no '.'), will
enter their real address when "found out"?

Does the checking just serve as a "spell checker"?

Christian Hagel-Sørensen.
Interested in: Participatory design, Post-WIMP interfaces and user

  Bronx Development Center for handicapped kids: a perfect case of
something praised by designers for its great design, but horribly wrong
for its intended use -it was all brushed steel and windows, and it's
supposed be a warm and fuzzy place for kids who fall down a lot!.

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