So, I'll just run out and get a CS degree and concurrently work on my Ph.D.
in HCI/Cognitive Psych, and in my spare time study up for my GMAT.



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>We just got through going through a company called _______ who did a
>usability study on our web interface.  We all joked about how it must be
>nice to fly all over,  badmouth people's work, then charge huge fees for

>What's even funnier is that their final recommendation was hardly different
>from our original product, even though their so-called expert made our
>existing interface out to be the worst thing in the world.  He even told us
>that old terminal screens would be easier to use (yeah right!)  I guess he
>had to make us feel like we needed him.

>How did you land a gig like that?  The Human Factors guy's background
>wasn't even technical, but rather, he had a Doctorate in some social

I have read this maybe 50 times, and it still makes me laugh out loud,
especially the last comment.  I bet we'd be more effective if we did a
better job of communicating our value....speaking their language or

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