On behalf of Daryle Gardner-Bonneau:

There is a Voice XML Forum, and there is also a web site you can go to for
further information on Voice XML ( It has a number of
links that you would find helpful, I think.

You could also check the web site of the Applied Voice Input/Output Society
( for further information and links.  They have hosted
tutorials and day-long Voice XML workshops during their annual meetings for
the last couple of years.

Other potential contacts include Liang Shen at VoiceGenie
([log in to unmask]), Bill Scholz at Unisys ([log in to unmask]),
Scott McGlashan at Pipebeach AB ([log in to unmask]), and Brad
Porter at Tellme.  All presented papers on Voice XML at this year's AVIOS
meeting.  The first three had papers in the AVIOS Proceedings.

Hope this helps.


Daryle Gardner-Bonneau, Ph.D.
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