Summary of my question about designing web-based apps:

Compensating for lack of keyboard accelerators

Not a lot of wisdom on this one. The most common suggestion was to
use newer versions of browsers, which allow keyboard shortcuts.

Specific advice:

* Give advanced users ways of completing tasks in fewer steps.
* Use current browsers, which offer widgets and navigational options
that can help.
* Keyboard accelerators are available in some recent browsers -- NS6,
IE6, and Mozilla-based browsers.


Thanks to all who contributed:
David Koosis, Adam Korman, Jeff Lash, Hal Shubin, Bob Baxley, Kevin,
Kristen Truong, Ethan McKinney, Ken Mohnkern, Sahala Swenson, Karin
Lane, Juan Lanus, Marc Robichaud



Does anyone know of UI guidelines for designing complex browser-based
applications, with functionality akin to that in a native Windows

I'm running across some problems that I figure other people *must*
have solved before. Stuff like:

* What are the best methods for accommodating beginning and advanced
users? Are there web-specific strategies that are different than
those for Windows apps?
* How does one get by without modal dialog boxes? How do you keep
users from drifting away in the midst of a multi-step task?
* What navigational strategies work best for extremely long lists?
* How to compensate for the lack of keyboard accelerators?

... and I'm sure there are hosts of other problems I'm not even aware
of yet.

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