Hi all,

I just came along a website ( that
combines two types of global navigation:

1. Drop-down menus (cascading) that provide shortcuts
to the low-level pages. This type of navigation
probably makes sense for the experienced users of the
2. Clicking on one of the section labels opens an
overview page. This overview page shows all the
low-level pages in that particular section. The type of
navigation probably makes sense for novice users.

The combination of these two types of navigation works
for me, but I'm interested in your opinions and
experiences. For example, has anybody done usability
testing on this?

BTW, this website only has the combined navigation for
a few months. Before that it only had the second type
of  navigation (see also ). Do you think that adding the drop-down menu was a
good decision?

Please respond to me directly and I will provide a
summary to the list.

Thanks, Tjeerd

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