>i also take issue with don's desire, replacing a small shopping cart icon
>with the words "list of items purchased" is completely unrealistic on the
>web. it may be a precise description, but it's not succinct and it won't
>fit in any menu. it may work extremely well as alt tag text for that
>shopping cart icon, but it's long enough that it's pushing into the "skip
>over this long text" zone. which puts it back in the "poor usability" category.

This is where experienced writers and editors come in. "Shopping cart" is
two words and 13 characters. How about:

* What You Ordered (3, 16)
* What You've Chosen (3, 18)
* What You Ordered (3, 16)
* Your Order (2, 11)
* Your Order So Far (4, 17)
* Selected Items (2, 14)

So there *are* options. And since this is the UTest list, U can Test them.

      Joe Clark
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